Just Be Real

The last time I wrote was about getting out of your comfort zone. Taking that chance! So we guard ourselves against certain things in life, heartache, being fooled by people, dealing with unnecessary issues that we don't want to deal with but sometimes you need to take that step and part of is dealing AGAIN … Continue reading Just Be Real


Get Out Of You Comfort Zone

When you listen to other people then you sometimes feel that you don't have that much excitement in your life? Even when you don't listen to others, you actually feel bored with your own life at times. Unhappy? Not doing anything about it? How will things change when YOU don't make that chance!! I'm very … Continue reading Get Out Of You Comfort Zone

My Happy Place

Do you have a happy place? Yes, that place that you go to when everything gets too much, when you are sad but also when you are grateful and you have this feeling of absolute happiness and calmness over you...feel, hear, see, smell and taste everything surrounding you.... that's your happy place! I have one … Continue reading My Happy Place