Apply Lipstick and Smile

We all dealt with life struggles and challenges such as heartbreak, disappointments, failures and rejection. Still do daily.  Everyone reacts in a different way on their emotions and handles it differently however most people will go into a sulking mode! They feel sorry for themselves, they want to cry, yell, scream and just do some … Continue reading Apply Lipstick and Smile


What made you smile today?

Do you ever lie in bed thinking about the happy moments you had during the day? Life is such a rush, always on our way going somewhere. Might be to see a client, on way to the shops to get groceries, on our way to friends or on our way home. Still we are always … Continue reading What made you smile today?

My Happy Place

Do you have a happy place? Yes, that place that you go to when everything gets too much, when you are sad but also when you are grateful and you have this feeling of absolute happiness and calmness over you...feel, hear, see, smell and taste everything surrounding you.... that's your happy place! I have one … Continue reading My Happy Place


2003..... People can change, don't be so hard on them, they will see what they doing to you and that you deserve better so just give them another chance. People don't mean to hurt you when they do, it just happened and they are actually sorry... well they said that they are sorry so it … Continue reading Change….